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Triangle Vascular Associates Partners with UNC Health Care for a Uterine Fibroid Study

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Dr. Loehr and his team at Triangle Vascular Associates are participating in COMPARE-UF, Comparing Options for Management: Patient-centered Results for Uterine Fibroids.

This registry will collect information from women undergoing treatment for uterine fibroids such as surgery or embolization. The data collected will be used to identify the most effective treatments and the factors that influence treatment outcomes. With the knowledge gained in this study, future fibroid patients, clinicians and others will be able to make the most informed decisions about the best type of treatment for each individual patientís situation.

Do you suffer from uterine fibroids?

Choosing to participate in a study is a very personal decision that may help you explore options to address your current condition and may also help future fibroid patients with their treatment. You may qualify to participate if you are:

  • Experiencing symptoms from your fibroids
  • Scheduled for a procedure to treat your fibroids
  • Between the ages of 18 and 54
  • Able to communicate in English

If you believe you are eligible and want to learn more about this study, please visit or contact us at 919-677-9729 or



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