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Patient's Voice


Patient's Voice

OB-GYN Approved

"The last thing I wanted was a hysterectomy … but living with the pain and having to change my lifestyle was so difficult. I was ready for relief. Then I learned about UFE, and my OB-GYN approved of it. I had the procedure and within a week or so I got my life back."

-JC, Cary, NC

My Leg Coldness Is Gone

"My legs have been cramping and feeling weak for a while. I thought it was because I was tired from standing, then I got a bit worried when one of my legs started feeling colder then the other. I completed a questionnaire that helped me figure out that I might have PAD - something I had never heard of. I booked an appointment to have myself checked and the doctor told me I needed to have a procedure. I was worried but he assured me that I had nothing to worry about as it is a quick outpatient treatment. He was right - I am recovering and I don't feel the cramps and coldness in my legs anymore. Thank you."

-SW, Durham, NC

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Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm
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